Beats Headphones Rock!

When my company said the team would be getting Apple iPhone 7s in the next financial year I set to checking out wireless headphones because all my wired-into-the-iPhone port ones would be useless. This reaction moved quickly from being a negative (I did protest at work and home about the extra expense on me because there’s no expenses to be claimed for headphones) to an exciting, great excuse to get new ones. Naturally I wanted to get the best I could within my budget and, without knowing much of anything about Dr Dre, or his Beats headphones, I found myself getting the Solo 2.

On reading the reviews I found out that Beats has been criticized for being overpriced and it was lucky for me that I’d come into the market at a time when the best Beats headphones seemed to be priced lower and were at a much less-than-average cost when I paid for mine. I love them for many reasons. For example I always carry a briefcase and I used to struggle to find my old headphones because it’s always too stuffed with work. So I was particularly impressed that the Solo 2 folds and so it’s easy to put in my pocket with the phone. I like the sleek design and can’t believe how the noise cancellation is so effective. Those features and that the sound sounds big with good smooth treble as well as obviously a very decent bass makes me really happy with my purchase.

I guess loads of people buy the label because a great rapper celebrity is behind it but I wasn’t influenced by his status, I just wanted to get myself the best headphones for people into deejaying I could afford. And as far as I’m concerned the Beats Solo 2 fits the bill and makes for a great bit of dj equipment for beginners. I’m happy with them - and my new iPhone especially the quick charge feature and when I’m on long drives if my overnight charge has got used up I found I can get two hours of playback after just a five-minute charge. Work let me get a blue one which was cool because that matches my Beats headphones - totally cool!